‘Painting of the Year’ Top 10

My painting titled ‘Adam’ came in the Top 10 of the contest ‘Painting of the Year’ organised by De Kunst Collega’s B.V.

Around 600 paintings were submitted from all over the world.

‘Adam’ painting with the other winners have been exhibited during the ‘Art Eindhoven Fair’ beginning of February 2023.

The professional jury was composed by:

  • Edwin Becker – conservator and head of exhibition of ‘Van Gogh Museum’, Amsterdam
  • Ralph Keuning – art historian and former director of Museum ‘de Fundatie’, Zwolle
  • Loes Botman – artist and writer for art magazines
  • Raoul Locht – chairman of ‘Stichting Kunstweek’ and director of ‘De Kunst Collega’s b.v.’

Here below the jury review:

This is another fine one, from a bunch of hair that takes up the entire top of the painting, a face swirl down. The hair is convincingly painted with just enough light and dark. And out of all that dark tangle there emerges an almost transparent skin. The movement of brush strokes go with the shape and that gives the work so much extra dimension. Very beautiful all those glazed lines. The soft tones working with each other. Almost tactile is the skin. The attention goes not to the eyes but to the mouth. Supported by the deep blue at the bottom of the work. The skin is enveloped by that blue. The line light from the cheekbone left to the forehead gives the work firmness. This is Mastery!

About ‘Painting of the Year’:

Painting of the Year is an annual competition, organized by De Kunst Collega’s B.V. The goal is not to determine what is the best painting in the world since that is very subjective and subject to many variables, but only to establish annually what is the most appreciated painting amongst all the contemporary paintings that participate. Furthermore, the contest wants:

a. to increase the appreciation for painting in general.

b. to increase the (name) awareness of the participating painters.

c. to create the largest possible (online) overview of contemporary paintings.

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